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Limited Purchase for Goome Tracker GM02EW now available in Amazon

Goome GM02EW GPS Tracker Mini Locater GSM GPS Tracker For Car Vehicle Tracking Device With Online Tracking

€25 for original Price, Get it now with €8.99,  FREE SHIPPING Plus+First Year Free Trial in Most stable platform ‘Caronline‘,
One Account share only one individual opportunity!!!!!!!

GM02EW Functions:

Support web base device management
Support Android App and iOS App

Support SMS commands

Support real time tracking
Support history track playback
Self-Defined GEO Fence
Smart ACC detection 
Wide range input voltage from 5-30V DC
1000 history location auto save GPS car tracker
Internal monitoring chip for system recovery automatically
Support assisted-GPS technology, quick GPS fixed in 15S
3LEDs for status indication mini GPS tracker 
Enhance surge protection design
Protection for wrong wire connected in positive and negative

About Goome Aichean:
”There is a way there is Goome Tracker have your car convoyed ”We, Goome Aichean always heading to the direction to achevied this goal for every city in the world. By doing so, Goome Aichean now share large market in more than 100 countries and regions , including Africa, the European Union,South America and Asia. 
With reliable trackers, Goome Aichean bulit ”Caronline ”real time tracking platform,. it now has became one of largest vehicle location service platform in the world. For all users, 'Caronline' is easy to use, also it provides with precisely professional location and stable network services. By the end of 2016, Online GPS monitoring platform have been more than 20 million honesty users. 

Here's Goome's market share in China with domestic tracker: 

Here's quick install instruction: 
Easy Installation:
  • Step1: Inserting a 2G SIM card with GPRS which can reach the Internet.
  • Step2: Insert the SIM card in the GPS rtracker, then turn on the switch with a needle;
  • Step3: Connect the USB with GPS tracker to make it connect to an electric circuit by starting your car. the USB that we proved for test.
  • Step4: Drive your car in Open sky situation.
  • Step5: Login our tracking platform which is; You will able to see the actual location or driving for few minutes to see historical positions.
  • Remark: Your account number is the 15 digit numbers of your GPS tracker, which is under the bar code. The password is the last 6 digits of the ID number. 
  €25 for original Price, Get it now save you €16,  FREE SHIPPING Plus 




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