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On Promotion! Goome GM06NW Mini Real Time Tracking Vehicle GPS Tracker GPS/GSM/GPRS/SMS

China top seller GPS tracker Goome's GM06NW is Now on Amazon.

Since we are new to Amazon, well, let's get it on PROMOTION, Why not?

Goome GM06NW Mini Real Time Tracking Vehicle GPS Tracker GPS/GSM/GPRS/SMS

1. Easy navigation with real time updates on location of vehicle. Quad band GSM supports global network coverage. Nationwide and international coverage using GPS, GPRS, and GSM signal.
2. Multi-functions - Real & Precise tracking for your vehicles (including safety information: speed, acceleration, harsh breaking, etc.), assets, and cared ones, anti-theft prevention, vehicle maintenance, low oil & power alert, low battery alert, detailed vehicle's routing history, Geo-fencing etc.
3. Web interface, iPhone&Android APP for real time monitoring, status reports. You can download the APP "car online" or log on the website : for detailed information.
4. Easy installation, high/low temperature resistance, LED indicator light, FREE tracking platform service for a year.Download "car online" on your phone or go to our website to try our system. The account number is Fredtest, and the password is 123456. You will find it is very easy to use!
5. We're a leading provider of intelligent GPS tracking device in China. We're dedicated in producing products of high quality and low price. We're available for 24-hour service!

Here is Review from UK users:

For the new customer, here is the sale situation picture of Goome domestic products in China.
Data never lies.

As you Travel here, why not spend so little for the big surprise!

Don't miss this opportunity.

Tick tock! Promotion is few day left.

If this promotion makes no surprise for you,
How about get the GPS Tracker with 1 year free trial in most funtional tracking platform 'Caronline' in App& Android  .

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How to easily active Goome GPS Tracker GM06NW

Hi Guys!
We also release the video about how to active Goome GPS GM06NW today,

We here use Powerbank to do the active test.

Check it out now:

Limited Purchase for Goome Tracker GM02EW now available in Amazon

Goome GM02EW GPS Tracker Mini Locater GSM GPS Tracker For Car Vehicle Tracking Device With Online Tracking

€25 for original Price, Get it now with €8.99,  FREE SHIPPING Plus+First Year Free Trial in Most stable platform ‘Caronline‘,
One Account share only one individual opportunity!!!!!!!

GM02EW Functions:
Support web base device management Support Android App and iOS App
Support SMS commands
Support real time tracking Support history track playback Self-Defined GEO Fence Smart ACC detection  Wide range input voltage from 5-30V DC 1000 history location auto save GPS car tracker Internal monitoring chip for system recovery automatically Support assisted-GPS technology, quick GPS fixed in 15S 3LEDs for status indication mini GPS tracker  Enhance surge protection design Protection for wrong wire connected in positive and negative